Our team consist of: Natural health and African traditional health consultant. Entrepreneur business assistants, International MBA. Chartered accountant. IT support. Managers on sites. Logistic managers, community leaders and community collectors and ware house labourers, etc.

We are a new company committed to make a difference in people’s life bringing health, and profitable opportunities for sustainability, at this moment we are covering 30,000 hecters of land supporting locals (the local community) using out growers

Having just a glance around the world we can immediately spot that things are changing very fast. Some for good like technology and scientific advances and some for bad like the way we handled our planet exhausting our natural resources to the point of absolute emergency of food and health for our people. Planet contamination, water shortage, poverty, food shortage, new sickness, bad nutrition, drugs and drug industry and so on. Are just some of our critical subjects to take care of. Can we may find some answers going back to nature?

We believe so

We are grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to humanity in a revolutionary way with organic nutritive food for adults, children and animals natural healthy products with no chemicals added,, products for organic farming like pesticides and compose, organic animal super food, etc in a complete different way that we were used to.