Types of designer sarees for weddings

Every wedding unique and so is the couple getting married. Sarees are a traditional, magnificent attire full of vibrant colors that brides must choose carefully. There are tons of designers to choose from, but you must consider your complexion, body type, budget, and the recent trends if you want to get a saree worth your special moment. Traditionally, there are several types of sarees Indian brides wear. Here are four you should consider when choosing yours.

Chanderi Sarees

These sarees are traditionally designed and tailored, mostly worn by women from Madhya Pradesh. They come pakistani suits in india vibrant colors and designs such as floral patterns, peacocks, and even geometrics. History suggests that they were introduced to India by Lord Krishna’s cousin Shishupal. It’s woven from three fabrics, that is silk, silk cotton, and chaderi cotton. They are known for their gold and silver brocade. To accentuate your beauty, always couple this designer saree with traditional jewelry. The chanderi saree is mostly worn as a pre-wedding saree, although it’s also worn as a post-wedding saree.