The Pinoy Name Game

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My Precious

Have “The Lord of the Rings” ruined the “Precious” name forever? Whenever I meet someone named Precious, I have the urge to say, “My Precious…” in Golum-like voice.

My Precious….it may be a dog’s name for Phoebe Buffay in NBC’s “Friends” but it cannot deter Filipino parents from naming their precious babies “Precious”.

The Doorbell Names

Only in the Philippines can you find a forty-five-year-old woman called “Baby” or a fifty-year-old man nicknamed “Boy”. One expat has aptly called the Filipino nicknames “Doorbell Names”. Why? Listen to these names. Bing, Bong, Ping, Ding, Dong. And some combinations: Ding-Dong, Ting-Ting, Bing-Bing and Kring-Kring.

Filipinos love to play the name game. Names like Don-Don and Ann-Ann tend to be refined further by using the “squared” symbol, as in Don2 and Ann2 or by using the number 2 with the multiplication sign, as in Don2x and Ann2x.

And there’s the randomly inserted letter “h” so Jun becomes Jhun, Dan-Dan becomes Dhan-Dhan or Dhan2 or Dhan2x.

Themes and Rhymes

How about following a theme when naming children? This can be as simple as making them all begin with the same letter as in Kaye, Kamille and Klarizza. One father named all his eight boys Manuel. They are Manuel I, Manuel II. Manuel III, and on to Manuel VIII. To avoid confusion, they are referred to as “D’First, D’Second, D’Third, and so on.

The following are all involved in the Pinoy name game:

The children that rhyme: Dadang, Deding, Dodong or Biboy and Buboy.

The dessert children: Apple Pie, Cherry Pie and Honey Pie.

The sweet children: Sugar, Candy, Honey and Chocolate.

The flower children: Rose, Lily, and Magnolia.

The fruity children: Apples and Peaches.

The numbered children: Uno (one) and Dos (two).

The birthstone children: Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst and Pearl.

The monthly children: April, May, June, Julio, Julia and Augustus

The country children: Saudi, Russia (the aftermath of Paris Hilton’s popularity)

Before I forget, have you seen the Ai-ai de las Alas movie “Ang Tanging Ina” where she had 10 kids named as Juan, Trudis, Tri, Por, Pip, Six, Seven, Cate, Shammy and Tenten.

Composite Names

Composite names result from combining names such as Jesus, Joseph, Mary to produce one name: Jejomar. Luzviminda comes from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, the three islands of the Philippines. There are composite names derived from parents’ names: Alanna from Albert and Anna. A Christian chief of police named his son Jefrenor from his name Efren, his wife Nora and the ‘J’ in the beginning from ‘Jesus’.

There’s also two-name combination, such as Jacky Lou from parents Jacque and Lourdes. Junno Angelo is the son of Junn and Angelie. Norman Lou comes from Norma and Lope. An avid fan of Hollywood actor Kurt Russell named her boy Kurt Irving and her girl Russelle Ingrid. Whenever she introduces them, she points to each and says, “This is Kurt Russelle.”

Creative Sense of Humor

There is a separate field of name games where the parents have exhibited a creative sense of humor on purpose. There’s Edgar Allan Pe, Magic Chiongson, Chica Go, Tom Cruz and Special Sexcion. Not to forget Cardinal Sin.

How about the name games that Pinoys play on shops and establishments? Take a look at the following:

Candies Be Love is a candy store.

MacDonuts for a donut shop.

Doris Day and Night is a 24-hour eatery.

Wrap and Roll is a spring roll outlet.

Meating Place and Meatropolis are meat shops.

Bill Getz is an internet café, what else?

Curl Up and Dye, Saudi Hairlines and Sophisticut are hair salons

Felix the Cut is not a pet store but a barber shop.

The Way We Wear is a boutique.

Elizabeth Tailoring is, of course, a tailoring shop.

Petal Attraction is a flower shop.

When your name is Christopher and you’re into plumbing… go ahead and name your business Christopher Plumbing.

While Goldilocks is famous for its cakes and pastries, Goldirocks is popular for its sand and gravel.

‘Happy Birthday Toyo’ is a soy sauce brand in the 70s. Toyo is Tagalog for soy sauce.

If you are a jeepsetter (those who commute by jeepneys), you usually find this on every jeep that you ride: God knows Hudas not pay!

Mabuhay ang Pinoy!


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3 months ago


Nik Abueva

3 months ago from Manila

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X Factor girlband 4th Impact reveal they are teetotal virgins

They’ve caused a stir with their super sassy X Factor performances so far.

<img src="" alt="sa pagitan ng langit (2005) pinoy movie” style=”max-width:400px;float:right;padding:10px 0px 10px 10px;border:0px;”>But Filipina girl group 4th Impact, formerly 4th Power, have admitted that they’re more sweet and innocent than they have led us to believe.

The sisters – Almira, 27, Irene, 25, Mylene, 23, and 19-year-old Celena Cercado – revealed to the Daily Mirror that they are all teetotal virgins who have never been kissed as they await their fate ahead of the dreaded six chair challenge.

Scroll down for video 

Sweet and innocent: X Factor girl group 4th Impact, formerly 4th Power, have revealed that they are all teetotal virgins who have never been kissed as they await their fate ahead of the dreaded six chair challenge

The group – who grew up in a poor neighbourhood in the city of Santiago – take their parents’ strict Catholic rules very seriously and have promised to stay away from any hunky X Factor contestants that might catch their eye if they last in the competition.





‘Are you f****** kidding me?’ Simon Cowell is jeered by live… ‘I’d give you a seat… at home’: Katie Coleman is brutally… Getting support from the crowd! Jessica Mauboy flashes… Cheryl Fernandez-Versini displays her slim figure and a…

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Irene told the newspaper: ‘We have never kissed boys before. It is very strict in the Philippines, and so different to the UK. Our mum is very strict.

‘I’m the only one who has ever had a boyfriend and we make sure Mum is there at all times. We are never on our own together.’

See the latest X Factor UK 2015 news on 4th Impact and other contestants 

Good girls: Contrary to their sassy image, the group take their parents’ strict Catholic rules very seriously and have promised to stay away from any hunky X Factor contestants if they last in the competition

And although the girls have travelled the world entering talent shows, Irene insists they’ve never even had a sip of alcohol, something they say the other contestants have found hard to grasp.

Meanwhile, Almira explains their manager mother and junk-dealer father are worried about them living in the contestants’ house with boys should they make it to the live shows.

She giggled: ‘Our mum is so worried about us living in a contestant house with boys, but we’ve promised to be well behaved. Some boys are good looking here, but we can’t pay attention to them.’ 

The only way is up: The girlband sailed through bootcamp and are hoping to make it through to the live shows

X Factor viewers were left questioning the legitimacy of the Filipina pop quartet when they first appeared in the competition after it emerged that they had achieved success in their native Manila.

But the girl group told This Morning hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby last month that they’re simply ‘chasing their dream’.

Admitting to entering talent competitions under pseudonyms, the four-piece said they had come to England to discover true success – starting with impressing Simon Cowell. 

Let the games begin! Judges Nick Grimshaw, Rita Ora, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Simon Cowell got to work on the first of the six chair challenges on Sunday’s episode

‘We’re chasing our dreams wherever it’s possible,’ they explained. ‘We want to reach our dreams of having that prize and helping our family to have our own house and not be transferring about in different parts of Manila.’

Under the name M.I.C.A., the group last year reached the semi-finals of South Korea’s X Factor equivalent, Superstar K6.

4th Power – who have records available to buy on Amazon and as many as 5 million views on their YouTube channel – have also appeared on TV shows in the Philippines, including Pinoy Idol and Showtime. 

Impressed: Cheryl, Simon and the other two judges have been impressed with 4th Impact so far 

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Sunday night’s X-Factor saw the first of the six chair challenges and it was poor Rita Ora who had to make the cut-throat decisions with the girls.

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Nevertheless, the girls – who talked of their humble upbringings – said they were hoping to help their family by performing well on the show.

And they certainly took panellists Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw by surprise during their first audition when they shook off their shy personas and delivered a bold and confident performance of Jessie J’s Bang, Bang.

Speaking of the judges’ reaction, the girls said: ‘It was crazy, it was insane. It was like a dream come true. We were like really, literally floating in the air.’ 

Stressed: Former Voice coach Rita struggled to whittle down the girls on Sunday’s show 

There was one man in particular that the girlband had hoped to impress nonetheless.

‘We got a standing ovation from all of the judges and Simon Cowell, for us he was the famous judge in the Philippines.

‘He is straightforward in his critique and we thought he was going to be rude to us, but then we saw the standing ovation we were crying and breaking down on stage.’

An X Factor spokesperson confirmed after their debut performance that the group’s audition came about of their ‘own accord’, adding that the band were ‘not approached’ beforehand.

‘Their interview in the programme clearly said that they had been performing together since 2001 and had competed in various places,’ the spokesperson said in a statement.

‘There are no rules preventing anyone who has appeared on other shows from applying for The X Factor.’ 

Sunday night’s show saw Rita pick Havva, Lauren, Kiera, Monica, Louisa and Chloe as her final six.

Meet Ria’s girls! Rita is taking (L-R) Havva, Lauren, Kiera, Monica, Louisa and Chloe through to Judges’ Houses in Hollywood

Read more:

X Factor favourites 4th Impact are all teetotal virgins who have never even been KISSED – Mirror Online

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